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Slashcon 08 Program

Below the cut is the draft slashcon program. If you see a problem, or have a suggestion, please let me know, either in comments or via email at cupidsbower[at]gmail[dot]com.

Volunteer(s) needed
While our Guest of Honour, Hope, is in Perth before the con, she may need a trusty native guide. If any of you are free for a block of time between Tues 17 - Thurs 19, please let me or Hope (angstslashhope) know.

Fundraising Dinner
And speaking of Hope, if you'd like to meet her before the con, transcendancing has organised a fundraising dinner at the Royal India on Wednesday 18. You can find details here.

Slashcon 08 Program (Draft)

General Program Info:
  • Hope, our Guest, will be recording throughout the con (with your permission) to produce a slashcon podcast. There is a workshop scheduled on Saturday in which you can ask questions, and she will record stories during the Reading Circle on Saturday night. Remember to get author permission before the con if you want to record someone else’s story.

  • Calli will be hosting a Meditation Board throughout the con. This is a group art project, and everyone is welcome to add art to it throughout the weekend.

  • You can bring your Songvid Circle and Reading Circle stuff on flash disk, as there will be a laptop you can borrow on the night. However, there will be no internet at slashcon.

Friday 20 June
5pm Set up: Meditation Board for art (Calli)
6pm Dinner and Introductions
8pm Discussion: Share your shiny new and rare fandoms, or just your latest hot button.
9pm Reading: Extract from Elaine’s upcoming novel, The Tockleys.
10pm Songvid circle: Bring your favourite slashy songvids to share.

Saturday 21 June
10am Discussion: How much meta do you like with your slash? Reconsidering recent controversies.
11am Workshop: Writing (Elaine)
12noon Discussion: How will gay equality affect slash (gay marriage, abolition of DADT, openly gay canon)?
1pm Lunch
2:30pm Discussion: All about the girls (and other non-male genders): the rise of femmeslash, trans fiction and genderfuck.
3:30pm Workshop: Podcasting and other multi-authored projects (Hope) -- a discussion of how to podcast, from software to hosting, plus any other author-wrangling questions that come up. Bring your own fics to read, or someone else’s with permission; Hope will capture them throughout the con.
4:30pm Discussion: Romance: is there such a thing as a good romance? Does slash count? How is it different/similar?
5:30pm Workshop: Vidding (Jenny)
6:30pm Dinner

8:30pm GOH: Q&A (Hope). You can find Hope's fannish CV here.
10pm Reading circle: bring your favourite slash stories, or your own slash stories, to read aloud.

Sunday 22 June
10am Discussion: Why do action heroes/heroines need a sidekick? Who are your favourites?
11am Workshop: Art in Comics (Pixie)
12noon Discussion: The best of the rest: what's been happening in gen and het fiction lately? Recs, trends, the hot fandoms.

You can find more information about Slashcon here, and a suggested reading list here.
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