cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Slashcon Program and other reminders

Everyone going to slashcon:

You can find the slashcon program here: I will be printing off some copies and bringing them down with us.

For general use, I will have laptops and flash disks, and songvids and an archive of slash fic. You are welcome to bring your own laptops as well; although sadly we can't network them this year ETA: It looks like we will be networked, thanks to lizbyrd. \o/

Stuff you should bring:

Just a reminder that you need to bring your own bedding (mattresses and dodgy pillows are provided), and it will be cold down at Fairbridge, so rug up.

If you have an extension lead or powerboard and wouldn't mind bringing it, that would be helpful. chaosmanor and I are bringing several, but some extra wouldn't hurt.

chaosmanor has the food covered for major meals, plus tea and coffee. If you want other snacks or alcohol, you need to bring your own.

There will be massages available at the con for $20.

Calli will be doing a group art board -- you are welcome to bring arty things to add to it (but it's not essential; Calli will be providing necessary supplies).

chaosmanor has organised car-pooling, so you should have heard from her if you need a lift.

I think that's it. Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, see you all on the other side!
Tags: announcement, slashcon
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