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Musing on Podvidding

It's been really interesting going through the whole posting process for a vid. It hasn't been anything like I thought it would be. I'd always had the notion that vids didn't get much response unless made by one of the really well known vidders; and let's face it, I'm not even close to their league.

So I figured my little effort would just sink without much trace, which would have been fine. It's a first vid, you know? But actually, the pattern has been very similar to that of posting fic, just on a smaller scale. A scale I could cope with. :)

It was scarier though -- a lot scarier. I felt very exposed for the first few hours, because I had no sense of whether the vid had any redeeming qualities or not. Ah, being a newbie artist all over again. Wow. I can't express how much I didn't miss that sensation at all!

I still have no sense for how good it is, and probably won't for three weeks yet. It will be very interesting to see what I think of it once I have enough critical distance. Given that "Keylines" was a first vid and and first podfic, I'm happy with how it turned out regardless of if it's "good". If I have one criticism at this point, it's that I wish I'd been able to give it a more consistent look. However, I think that can largely be fixed by throwing better software at the problem, which I've been looking into (see below).

Behind the Scenes
I don't have trackers on my fic, so I can't tell how many people track through. However, there are auto stats on FileFront, although they only seem to update every 24 hours. But even with just one day's worth I'm a bit boggled.

# 1 Uploaded Files
# 15.01 MB of Disk Space Used
# 60 File Downloads from FileFront users
# 900.58 MB of Bandwidth Used for Downloads
Viewed 200 times

See, what I mean? From the anecdotal evidence I'd read, that is not what I was expecting of a first vid! But it's kind of awesome, isn't it? *beams*

# 73 File Downloads from FileFront users
# 1.07 GB of Bandwidth Used for Downloads
Viewed 251 times

I'm not going to track this any more, but now I have the numbers for posterity. :) /ETA.

The Next Project
I've been thinking about what my next multi-media project might be, and I'm leaning towards illustrating a story again, as I really like the potential of the form. I want to do something more ambitious next time, which uses both clips and manipped stills, plus different soundtrack aspects.

I doubt I'll get a chance to start work on it before August, as it will be a huge project, but that's good. It gives me time to think about which story I'm going to do next -- whether I'm going to write something all new and debut it as a podvid, or whether I'll try something like "Class: Insecta" which would be a real challenge -- but doable I think. Especially with Photoshop available.

Any thoughts? Requests? Suggestions for source images (other than Atlantis eps... assuming I do another Atlantis podvid :)?

There are so many possibilities it's hard to choose.

Also, if anyone knows of any other podvids out there, please, please link me. I want to see what else has been done.

Vidding Software
Which brings me to the technical side of things. Clearly, I need to upgrade software, and having looked around a bit over the last couple of days, I think the setup that's within my budget and that will do what I need (for now) is something like this:
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements
  • VirtualDub
  • Exact Audio Copy
  • AMVapp

Plus what I already have, which is:
  • Audacity
  • VLC Media Player

I'm not sure if any of them can be used as an animator, but I think I need one of those as well. Any suggestions?

I've found a few "How To" sources, and I'll put up a handy guide once I know which will prove most useful. But if you know of any, I'd really appreciate links to them.

Gah, I can see that this is going to take a while to set up and get going. Just what I need -- another hobby. But I don't feel too obsessed at the moment, so hopefully I can just noodle away at it here and there. It'll be an adventure!

*invites you all along for the ride*
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