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Bloody hell

A lot of stuff has been happening in the fannish blogosphere in the last few days; it's all linked over on metafandom if you're interested (and I've given callistra the headlines in comments). I feel like I should say something insightful about it, but you know where my head is actually at? I'll tell you: blood. Specifically the tsunami of blood exploding from my body.

Yes, yes, too much information. Believe me, I know! I'd much rather not have experienced getting up for a cup of the wonderful Monk Pear tea that angstslashhope recommended to me, only to find that I had bled through: a heavy duty pad (plastic lined), every layer of winter clothing, and every layer of bedding, including a quilt.

How is that even possible? I leave it to your imagination, as I'm done with this topic, frankly.

In other news, amidst the jobs I'm currently tearing my hair out over this week, grouchiegrrl snaffled me and took me off to see Mike Leigh's new film, Happy-Go-Lucky. I should have felt guilty about this, but you know, I really don't -- surprise! -- I'm a tad tired of having no life. Who knew? Anyway, I really am out of the loop these days, as I hadn't even known Leigh had done a new film, and he's one of my favourite film-makers. It was fantastic, as always. The characters were all such perfect weirdos, but so human and engaging. I highly recommend it. *happysigh*

Then, today, after doing several loads of washing, I went and bought myself a mocha from the local coffee shop, which I'd been craving for days. Backstory: I've never been a big fan of chocolate; it used to trigger migraines for me. However, now I'm gluten free it no longer does. And lately, I've been actively craving it from time to time. Odd, no? Today I figured out why. I drank my mocha -- oh, bliss -- and immediately the niggling headache I've had all week vanished.

Ha. No wonder my girlfriends all eat chocolate while menstrual. I shall have to investigate this further. I have a chocolate self-saucing pudding in the oven as I type, in fact. Mmmmmm. I've not had that in years.

To sum up...

Things that have made me happy this week:

Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding

1 cup self-raising flour (gluten-free substitute works fine)
0.5 cup castor sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
2 ounces butter
0.5 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

1.5 tablespoons cocoa
0.75 cup loosely packed brown sugar
2.25 cups hot water

Combine flour, sugar and cocoa. Melt butter, and add it, milk and vanilla to the dry mix. Stir well. Sprinkle the extra cocoa and brown sugar over the batter. Pour the hot water over the top and bake in a moderate over for 40-50 minutes.

PS -- This! This makes me laff.
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