cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Good Things

I'm over my whingy mcwhinge about delicious (although I still don't like how much space it takes up visually) and cats in wigs now. And so, as promised, I bring you a list of Good Things!

  • My unit is running on rails. Everything that was beyond my control last time, I know about and expect this time, and *crosses fingers and touches wood* it's going to be awesomesocks.

  • I have gluten-free lime and coconut cake. nom nom nom.

  • Amazon has delivered to my door three books on fandom; plus I have scored a new book on editing. NOM NOM NOM.

  • Two of my papers have been accepted for publication.

  • I am almost almost caught up on my life. Except for my remix *guilt* which I hope to finish tonight. And my taxes, which... yeah. Looking on the bright side: the government owes me so much money. *cringes at mound of unfiled paper*

  • Kikkimax has written an NCIS story called "Gigolo". I have read none of it yet, but I am quite excited.

  • I have found a partner in crime for an upcoming fannish project I am planning. It will also be totally awesomesocks.

What good things have been happening to all of you? I feel so out of the loop. Tell me the gossip, people.

*goes off to finish remix*
Tags: life, links
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