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Being a woman is not such a terrible burden, Rodney

You might have noticed that I haven't updated much lately. This is only partly because life has been particularly busy lately. Mostly it's because I've been very frustrated at my inability to put together the bits of the story I'm (supposedly) writing. Grrr.

But enough of that. I have been showered by wonderful things recently.

For a start, sign-ups opened for the annual dvd_commentary challenge, and so I promptly said I'd be thrilled if anyone wanted to do one of my stories.

And lo, the wonderful kisahawklin wrote a fantastic commentary of Sheppard's Choice.


It's the first commentary someone has done for one of my stories, and it was so interesting to see the reading process from the inside. Thank you so much, kisahawklin. You rock.

The other awesome thing that's happened is that a remix of my story Class: Insecta was posted, and it's the rockingest Teyla POV ever: Genus: Wraith (the Who Are You remix) by jadesfire. So clever, so readable, so well done. I'm in love with this Teyla, she's just so awesome, and I love the sly Ronon as well. Even if this wasn't a remix of my story, I can tell this one would be a re-reading favourite.

*happy sigh*

I really must write a longer Teyla fic. *puts on To Do list*

PS -- I've finally found a type of gluten-free cracker that I can make toasted cheesies out of without it tasting like something out of the catlitter box. They are thin corn puff things (like the rice ones, but a zillion times nicer). They are especially nice with apple and cheese for breakfast. Mmmm. Toasted cheese! Anytime I want! NOM NOM NOM.
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