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Wanted: Iron Man/Marvel reccers

ETA: Eight people have now expressed interest, so technically we are set. However, it would be good to know who else is interested, so please do leave a comment anyway. The more the merrier. I'll be contacting the crack_van mods at the end of the week. /eta

ETA 2: You all rock! I've contacted the Van's mods here. I'm hoping to collaborate on the overview with some of you, but I'll sort that out once I hear back. /eta

ETA 3: We have a go for Marvel as a fandom! The sign-up post is here. Thank you to everyone who helped. I'm hoping we kick off in October. /eta

I went over to crack_van the other day to sign up as a Small Fandom reccer for Iron Man, and discovered that a handful of other fans had beaten me to it.

In a fair and just world, this would mean that there are eight people out there willing to put their names down as either Iron Man reccers, or as more generic Marvel reccers. With eight people willing to sign on as interested reccers, the crack_van mods will set up Iron Man/Marvel as a full-time fandom.

What you need to do

  1. Leave a comment on this post saying that you are willing to rec Iron Man and/or Marvel on crack_van. Please make it clear if you are only prepared to do one or the other, so I know how to pitch it to the mods.

    Handy pasting text:
    --Yes, I am willing to rec Iron Man (movie or comic) on the Van.
    --Yes, I am willing to rec Marvel fandoms (including Iron Man) on the Van.
    --Yes, I am willing to rec Iron Man and/or Marvel fandoms on the Van (movie or comic: it's all good).

  2. Link to this post anywhere you think it's relevant, and let me know you've done so. Below is a list of current cross-post links.

Iron Man, people! Maaaarvelous. :)

cap_ironman: here
ironman_movie: here
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