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Rec_room Anniversay

I've had a weird end to the week. The migraine on Thursday has flavoured everything, and I still feel disconnected and out of it. I'm going back to bed once I've finished writing up one more marking guide.

But before the 1,500 anniversay of rec_room has completely faded away, I've taken a few minutes and put together the promised celebratory "Best Of" rec set.

Mostly, it's just an eclectic pick of re-reading and re-watching favourites pulled from the archives, but I did also try to fill a couple of requests.

  • shoshannagold asked for the top 10 stories and 5 vids from each fandom I decided to rec, and in particular NCIS. Well, I haven't quite managed the 10/5 ratio, but hopefully there's enough here to keep you amused.

  • watersword asked for stories from an outside perspective, and I've tried to include a few of those.

  • and transcendancing asked for Doctor Who recs.

I hope you all find something to enjoy here. Happy reading and watching!

Doctor Who

WHO No Pairing, 'The Boy who Killed Time' by netgirl_y2k
I picked this one because it's a cleverly done end-of-everything story; and I like that there are consequences for the Doctor's actions.

WHO No Pairing, 'Old Soldiers' by astrogirl2
This is a fantastic glimpse into the New Who life of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, which casts a new light on canon events.


WHO Doctor/Companions, '(Boulevard of) Broken Songs' by hollywood (songvid)
God, this is brilliant. The way Hollywood has cut this together, comparing several of the Doctor's companions, but mainly Rose and Martha... *shivers*. Wow. And to what should be an unviddable song too.

WHO-TWOOD Various Pairings, 'Papa Don't Preach' by fan_eunice and greensilver (songvid)
This is the infamous mpreg songvid, and it's glorious. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and download right now.


NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo, 'Personal Space' by entangled_now
Ouch. God, Gibbs can be a bastard, and god, Tony craves his respect so much. This is such a clever character study of both of them, full of the things Gibbs' wants and won't let himself have and makes Tony pay for.

And as a perfect companion to this story, I offer the following vid.


NCIS No Pairing, 'Be Somebody' by tearful_eye (songvid)
I love the use of repetition in this gorgeous, haunting character study of Tony. It's one of my all-time favourite songvids.

Stargate: Atlantis

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'An Affair to Remember' by tiranog
Every now and then, I crave long, plotty melodrama. Well, this is the best kind of melodrama and it's a re-reading favourite. I thought the movie was pretty stupid, but tiranog takes the skeleton of that improbable, unconvincing plot and works it like you wouldn't believe.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Every Day in Every Way' by velocitygrass
This is a long, smoking hot, angsty look at deepening intimacy between two people who are hopeless at communicating outside of touch. A re-reading favourite.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Ordinary Life' by astolat and cesperanza
This is so much yay! The boys go on vacation, so of course there's action, adventure, black ops missions to kidnap people. Not to mention the best cover story for John *ever*.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Kuro to Ao' by X-parrot
This was, I think, my favourite response to the recent Fairy Tale challenge. Beast fables are a longtime love of mine, and this one is delightful.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'No Take-Backs' by verdigrist
This writer popped up out of the blue with this hot, angsty and slightly bitter short story. It’s the security cameras that caught my eye -- I love how they are used as the turning point.

SGA No Pairing, 'Kala's Tale' by Kriadydragon
An absolutely gorgeous story from the point of view a Pegasus native meeting Sheppard when he's on the run.

SGA No Pairing, '4 Who Got The Job, 1 Who Didn't' by 2ndary_author
Brilliantly done 'behind the scenes' style story. I love how these original characters are all clueless about the Stargate program, yet manage to be competent in just the right ways.

SGA No Pairing, '5 People Who ...' by shaenie and fiercelydreamed
Interesting behind-the-scenes look at what and who makes Atlantis tick. Hint: it’s not SGA-1.

SGA No Pairing, 'Bright Lights and Shadows' by noxnoctisanima
Nicely done character study of Rodney from an outsider's point of view. He’s still the egocentric Rodney we know and love, but there’s this disturbing hint of other, deeper and darker things now visible even to a slight acquaintance.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Happily Ever After (the Pegasus remix)' by cupidsbow
This isn’t so much a rec as me including my most popular story from this time period -- it seems appropriate to mark the way I’ve been influenced by all the other stories recced on rec_room. This one is a retelling of Cinderella, Pegasus style. And I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous cover by tardis80.


SGA No Pairing, 'Coming Undone' by beach-chick18 (songvid)
This is a brand new rec, and one I haven't seen on other rec lists. I love the stylised look of this vid, and while normally I'd say a vid this long is too long, I've happily re-watched this several times without it ever dragging. Really top notch and deserving of a wider audience.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Men Of Devotion' by chayiana (songvid)
I'm still rewatching this, after months and months. It's the perfect meld of cheese, geekery, and adorableness. It makes me laugh every time, and want to squish the boys so much. *squishes*

SGA No Pairing, 'The Video Game' by starrylizard (songvid)
Stargate: Atlantis: The Video Game. I can’t do justice to this with a description. What you need to know is that it’s utterly, utterly charming.

SGA Emmagen/Sheppard, 'Souljacker' by saeva (songvid)
I love this smart, funny response to the Not Human challenge on sga_flashfic. John as a bug just never gets old.

SGA No Pairing, 'People are People' by Lim (songvid)
Brilliant mosaic songvid to go with sheafrotherdon's 2007 BigBang story 'Nothing Can Quite Extinguish'. This is such a clever songvid, because a whole lot of it has been built from non-SGA sources, and yet it works as a cohesive whole and has such an interesting look.


SV Clark/Lex, 'That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy' by lenore aka scribblinlenore
Second person done brilliantly; this shows us how Clark really feels about having an alter-ego. What a wonderful story in so many ways--funny, hot, intellegent and a classic of the fandom.

VOR Miles/Gregor, 'A Deeper Season' by sahiya and lightgetsin
This is probably the best known Vorkosigan fanfic, and for good reason. At first I didn't think I'd buy Miles/Gregor, but it's so well done, and riffs on canon so brilliantly that I quickly fell in love with this beautiful novel. There are now several sequels which are also wonderful. The link goes to an LJ tag; scroll down for part 1.

IRONMAN Tony/Steve, 'Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption' by seanchai and elspethdixon
IRONMAN Tony/Steve, 'Readjustment' by seanchai and elspethdixon
IRONMAN Tony/Steve, 'Hostages to Fortune' by seanchai and elspethdixon
This wonderful series is based on comic-book canon, but you don't need to know it to be able to follow along (all I knew was that Steve Rogers aka Captain America is Tony's BFF in the comics). After the political schism due to the Registration of superheroes, Tony is broken, and Steve is [SPOILER]dead[/SPOILER]. This love story is an action-packed fix. Epic in length, full of superheroic adventure and hugely enjoyable.

DIE HARD McClane/Farrell, 'Save As' by poinsontaster
This was written for small fandom BigBang, and it's long and angsty and very enjoyable, with a great 'outing' scene at its heart.

MISC Various Pairings 'An Ideal Marriage' by Isis
This is backstory for Lady Bracknell of 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. It's sharp and tragic. God, it's good.


RPF Britney/Press, 'Piece of Me' by obsessive24 (songvid)
Is there anyone who hasn't seen this amazing character study of Britney Spears? It's utterly gutting in a way that transcends all of the spin, lies, and truths about her. Brilliant.

BANDOM Pete/Patrick, 'Meds' by wistful_fever (songvid)
This is, quite simply, one of the cleverest and most confronting constructed reality songvids I've ever seen. To say more is to spoil it, but it's a great character study and beautifully put together.

MISC Various Pairings, 'Rock Steady' by aycheb (songvid)
This is another songvid I still watch after a zillion viewings. aycheb has picked the perfect combination of song and visuals from the Rita Hayworth movie Gilda. There's sword-canes, gambling, double crossing, illicit love, flippy hair, stunning gowns. Brilliant!

MULTI No Pairing, 'Zombie Jamboree' by giandujakiss (songvid)
Zombies! Singing and dancing zombies! My love for this knows no bounds.

AD Various M/M Pairings, 'AIDES - Spot contre le SIDA' by anon (songvid)
It's an ad, but a brilliantly done one. It says something about our culture that I find this more amusing than most tv shows.
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