cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Tragedy with coffee and other musings

In today's tragic news, I poured myself a cup of coffee this morning -- dark, frothy, just the way I like it -- and a cockroach that had been lurking in the little indentation in the kettle's lid fell out straight into my mug. I may have sounded somewhat like Rodney McKay in full rant while pouring good coffee down the sink. However, as the only witness was the dead cockroach, I'm pretending the moment was much cooler and wittier.

Have you all seen Google's search stats thingy? Did you know that the country that searches for Stargate: Atlantis most often is the Czech Republic, followed closely by Australia? It was a surprise to me. Ha. No wonder the American PTB cancelled it -- only weird foreign people watch it!

And speaking of SGA, I've been staring at the screencaps for The Shrine over on crysothemis's LJ. The last pic has given me a huge yearning to drabble, but I'm not allowed to until I've fulfilled my other fannish commitments.

It gives me such a strong mental picture, though, of the way John thinks about Rodney.

I've re-written and deleted this paragraph about six times, trying to explain what I mean. But it feels weird doing it like this, instead of showing it in fiction. It's like I know it will come across as silly tin-hattery if I try to explain the way I lay open John's head when I think about how to write him. It won't be convincing to say that I currently think he's in love with Rodney, but doesn't actually think about sex much, if at all -- it's all sublimated into other stuff, but knowingly so. I also think John's kind of happy with not-dating Rodney, because he's gone ahead and made a commitment without telling Rodney anything about it. "Stuck with me," indeed.

See? It just sounds dumb. But if I wrote it as a fic, I could make you see inside John's head just the way I do and I could maybe convince you, for a few minutes at least.

And I ended up drabbling after all, because I couldn't sleep until I got it out of my head.
Tags: life, links, sga
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