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Food Porn - Hot Choclate

One of the great wins I've had since going gluten free (other than, you know, not feeling like I was the undead rising from its grave after every sandwich), is that I can eat chocolate. It used to give me migraines, but now it only does so if I'm already being triggered by something else.

Ironically, I didn't like chocolate much in the Gluten-Zombie phase of my life. It was too sweet, gave me an unpleasant sugar rush, and tasted kind of nasty. Turns out? That was the gluten fucking up my tastebuds and digestion. I actually quite like chocolate now.

Win! (It almost makes up for being intolerant to every other food on the planet.)

In this magical post-chocolate world, I have discovered an indulgence that I'm particularly fond of; or rather, I've rediscovered it, as it used to be my beverage of choice as a twenty-something. Hot chocolate. Oh, man.

So I thought I would share with you, dear flist, my recipe for making hot chocolate. Because mmmm, everyone should have hot drinks this orgasmic.

Cathy's Orgasmic Hot Choclatte

1 big microwaveable mug
6-8 pieces good quality eating chocolate (I use Wittaker's Dark Mocha or Creamy Milk)
1/2 cup lactose free low-fat milk
boiling water

Place the pieces of chocolate in your mug, and zap in the microwave for around a minute. You may want to test the timing on an inferior brand like Cadbury first, as burnt chocolate is a nasty nasty thing.

Stir the melted chocolate until smooth, and then slowly add in the milk, stirring constantly. Once you have about half a cup of chocolatey looking milk, put it in the microwave and zap another minute. Stir. Add in a teaspoon of instant coffee if you want a mocha. Then fill the mug with boiling water.

Drink with a gluten-free friand while reading SGA fanfiction.

... I did actually have some other news, but I can't remember it now. I need to go to the kitchen for a minute. I'll make another post if it comes back to me...

*dashes to kitchen*

ETA: Mmmmm. Also, who's winning the election?
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