cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Obligatory whiny post, part 3,401

Because I posted a few times in the last few days, it probably looks like I had a good weekend.

I didn't. I had a stupid weekend. I had a burnout weekend, in which I couldn't think well enough to do anything, was tired and achy and grumpy but couldn't sleep. The only bright side about this was that it wasn't new burnout, just my hormones combining with insomnia to temporarily bring back an echo of the one I'm over.

But what a total waste of a weekend. I don't even feel rested, even though I barely got anything done.

I feel mostly better today, thank god, because I have deadlines. Deadlines. And marking.

Grrr argh!

*shambles off like a grumpy bear*

what i really want today is a day off and to write fic. john and rodney getting married in canada by preference. *grumpy x a million* I think I'm going to have gluten free pizza for lunch instead

ETA 1: I am wearing my shirt that says, "ARRRGGH!" This pleases me. (Yes, I've numbered my eta, because it's clearly going to be that kind of day.)
Tags: life, rant
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