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Happier Things: awards, archives, stats and rallies

The tap is fixed! We have hot water again! The LHC didn't destroy the earth!

It's amazing how much pleasanter life is with taps that work. :)

Now that I'm not feeling one short step from biting off heads, I thought I'd update you all on happy things that have happened to me lately.

First of all, whoever nominated me for the mome_awards... thank you! It made my day to get that email. *beams*

It also made my day yesterday, when general_jinjur posted a newbie guide to podfics. It is made of win. And because general_jinjur is awesome, I also now have a listing on the audiofic archive for my podvid, Keylines. \o/

In meta news, ayiana has been having an interesting discussion on Sex and the Fanfiction Writer, focussing on whether authors feel pressured to include sex scenes in their fic. In response to her questions I went and looked up the figures for the types of fics I bookmark most on rec_room. It turns out I read slightly more fiction without sex than with it, which doesn't surprise me, as plot is my favourite thing.

Including the private entries, here's what I've bookmarked to date.

Total Entries: 1606
All Tags: 1009

Major Categories:
author 690
fandom 70
genre 98
pairing 71

g 38
nc-17 535
pg-13 763
pg-15 71
r 130
warning:age 1
warning:incest 2
warning:non-con 34
warning:violence 49

Top 10 Tags
fiction 1310
stargate:atlantis 1290
mckay/sheppard 1045
pg-13 763
not:recced 714
nc-17 535
angst 342
no:pairing 277
au 256
pwp 134

In SGA news, there's going to be a rally outside the studios on the 12th. Find out more here. It sounds like it's going to be fun -- people have made ribbons and lemons and stuff. It makes me ridiculously happy to know that TPTB are being deluged with lemons.

That's all for now, but I do feel a whole lot better.
Tags: discussion, fandom, links, lotrips, podfic, sga
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