cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

New Fridge

I have a new fridge! \o/

This is pleasing, but not as pleasing as you'd expect. You see, in the middle of the night, timed for maximum inconvenience, the old fridge packed it in, taking out the circuit breaker and our router at the same time.

*grrrrr times a bazillion*

So I woke up this morning, at early o'clock for a meeting... and everything was dedibones. /o\

I couldn't even drink coffee. *pauses dramatically for the horror to sink in* Yes, yes, exactly!

Still. We have a new fridge now, and it is shiny. And more importantly, the frozen meat from my parents' farm has been salvaged.

I'm calling it a win, even though there was a moment in which my blood pressure and I were not friends. But then I wrote fic, which calmed me right down. In fact, I think I might need to do that some more. No point taking needless risks with my health, right? Right.

*goes to write fic*
Tags: life
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