cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Quantifying email

How much email do you guys tend to send and receive each week?

I feel like I'm constantly writing emails, so I got curious and checked my primary account. Taking out chat transcripts, LJ comments, and maybe 10 or so emails sent through secondary email accounts, I've sent about 75 emails in the last seven days -- although I'm not done for today yet (there will be at least ten more -- Mondays and Fridays are heavier).

I think that's a fairly standard amount. Last week, I only sent about 60, but was away on the farm for several days, including Monday and Friday. The week before that was around 90 on the primary account.

I've filtered all the incoming mail, so it's not as easy to quantify, but I need to answer about one email in every four or five (at a guess, it could be higher -- I'm on a lot of lists). So around 400 emails per week come through my primary inbox, not counting spam or LJ comments. That sounds about right.

I think that does count as a fair amount of email to get through, so it's nice to know my gut instinct matches reality. :)

What about you?
Tags: life, writing
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