cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Bah humbug

I feel kind of sick, but not really really sick, so I've been lying around having a day off, hoping that it would pass off in 24 hours.

But I've just had two spectacular accidents with cups of coffee. The kind of accidents I used to have all the time when I was having a gluten reaction, but don't have any more. So now I think maybe I've got the flu, and the reason I don't feel too terrible yet is because I'm totally high and haven't crashed yet. :(

And the moral of this story: you get sick if you're too busy to sleep for a week. Stupid sleep.

I'm going to finish reading sarahtales's Drop Dead Gorgeous now. And then maybe some BigBang. Or maybe some Smallville -- some of my old comfort reading favourites.

Anyone have any long, fluffy comfort reading favourites to recommend in Harry Potter, SGA, Smallville, or one of those rare stories that transcends all need to love the canon?

Entertain me, oh flist (in a really low key way that requires no effort on my part).

Also, I want soup. The end.
Tags: life
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