cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Secret wishes

I'm so boring. I ask for the same thing in sga_santa every year: John and Rodney have an adventure and are BFF.

What can I say? It's a classic combination. :)

When you sign up for exchanges, do you ever have a secret wish to be assigned someone in particular? Do you squee when you see their name on the list of people who are taking part?

I try not to, really hard, because I know I'll never ever get a specific person whose work I love. I always write my prompt just for me, and to give the writer several options, but without any thought for which writer might be assigned. It is genuinely lovely to get a present just for me, and it doesn't really matter who it's from.

All that said, I do admit that every year, once I've signed up, I look at the names of the others taking part, and in my secret heart there is a short list I hope for. To get one of them would be like winning the lottery. *dreams*

There is a certain pleasure in the anticipation that one year I might get a present that is more than lovely, that I might get extraordinary. It adds a little spice, you know?

Ha! It just occurred to me... I wonder if anyone puts me on their secret shortlist. That would be very happymaking. I like the idea of adding a little spice to other people's dreams.
Tags: presents, writing
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