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Life is good; support a good cause

I have had such a lovely couple of days. People have been so very very nice to me.

One of my stories has been translated! There's something about seeing my words in another language that makes me feel... I can't even express it properly, but it's a perfect example of the thing I love best about fandom -- the way that everything is interconnected, and part of a bigger story. This is the gift that lian_li has given my by translating Keylines into the German version Umrisse. You should go and read and tell her she's awesome. Thank you so much lian. I love it. <3

That deserves a post all of it's own, but I've been sick again lately, and I know if I don't say everything I need to all at once, I'll likely not get another chance for days. So here is the news.

Voting for the mome_awards closes on October 31st. A couple of my stories are nominated, but if you're interested in LoTR or Lotrips there many other good stories listed there. You should go and have a read.

The fight_for_sga is still going strong, so if you haven't sent your email, lemons, or made your vid in support yet, there's still time. You can find the info you need at the community.

Another fannish venture that needs your support is the OTW. After all the hard work of the last 18 months, the organisation has recently launched Transformative Works and Cultures, Fanlore and the Archive. To keep all these projects going, and to support further work on them and new projects, the OTW needs funds and volunteers. Working for OTW has been one of the most rewarding fannish experiences I've ever had, so if you do have some time free, please consider throwing your hat in the ring. I think you'd find it rewarding too.

Finally, to finish up, a political thing. Australia is facing new internet laws which are hugely problematic. You can sign a petition against them here, or write to the Senator here.
Tags: fandom, fiction, help, otw, politics, presents, sga
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