cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

the state of the faaaan

Guess what? I strongly dislike writing fandom overviews. It is the one sucky thing about popping a fandom cherry on crack_van. And yes, I guess it is vaguely possible that I wouldn't hate it so much if I actually had a chance to watch/read a decent amount of the canon for the fandom I ended up reccing. But somehow, I always seem to end up writing overviews for shows that haven't shown here, or comics I've read random issues of in the library.

Bah. Why can't I buy my TV and comics as digital files over the internets yet? Dear PTB: Please to be fixing your distribution methods so that everyone in the world can stop being criminals now.

*stares at crappy overview*

It is quite amazing what I have managed to write having gleaned information from such learned sources as Wikipedia and Google-fu. But piecemeal overviews are not good overviews, which pains me.

On a happier note: can I truly claim to have popped a fandom's cherry if I haven't written fic for said fandom yet? I think not. Perhaps I should do something about that. :D

This whinge brought to you by the letters U, S and T, and also my inability to not put my hand up for small fandom December reccing.

Heee. It is possible I might be pimping the largest small fandom in the history of small fandom December. We shall see.

In other news about my current state of suckitude, John Sheppard is making me very unhappy right now. His epic doomed love for Rodney has hit all new levels of epic and doomed. I am starting to despair of a happy ending. Oh, John. *shakes head*

This update brought to you by the letters W, I and P.

And on that note, I think it is time for bed.
Tags: fandom, rant
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