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How to Wish Upon a Suitable Star

I feel pretty shitty today, as I am migrainy, and I have no clue what triggered it.

To cheer myself up, I have decided to post a New Year's Wish List. This is kind of like a Christmas Wish List, but without the religious trappings. I've never made a wish list before! I'm terrible at wanting things. But as I'm currently trying to get in touch with the things that make me happy, I thought I'd give it a go.

If you read this, please don't feel you have to do anything about the wishes. Just enjoy reading them, the way I am in writing them down. There's a pleasure just in wishing -- I haven't really allowed myself that in a long time -- and I don't need them to come true to feel the joy in the wanting.

Cathy's New Year Wish List of Stuff That Would Make Her Happy

  • I've always wanted to play a treasure hunt (like the dueSouth one) for one of the fandoms I know and love. SGA or Merlin would be super-awesome. I've always envied the dueSouth fandom for china_shop's brilliance at putting this together, and wish I knew the fandom well enough to play.

  • Pretty art, songvids, podfics or podvids. Either new pieces (made with my friendship kink in mind), or based on my stories. It could be original or in one of the fandoms I love.

  • A chance to collaborate on a story with an author (or authors) I admire. I've hesitated to ask to do this, because I'm super-crap at this kind of thing and don't want to stuff anybody about. I get distracted and over-committed at work, is the thing, but also, I've been known to get psyched out by the expectations (hence most of my many WiPs). I'd still really love to give it a go, though.

  • One of my song lyrics being put to music. I don't even have words for how great that would be.

  • A foot rub.

  • A story. Always. I love stories. Mystery, romance, friendship, adventure, roadtrips, coming-of-age, historical, hard-boiled, space opera, robots, timetravel, urban fantasy, fairy tales, comedy. I have broad tastes.

  • A watching/reading party. Where it's all slash, all the time. Oh, wait. That's slashcon! :)

I can't think of anything else right now. Maybe more will occur to me after I've had a nap. This wanting stuff is hard work.
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