cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Happiness: Day 7

What a lovely day! Lots of good things happened:

  • I wrapped up working for the OTW today, which has consumed me for the last year and a half. This was a bittersweet thing. I very much need the break (I have made a Rule: I am not allowed to volunteer for any big projects for a year!), but I was working with such awesome people, and we succeeded at so much of what we set out to do. I will miss it, even as I'm sighing with relief. That's really the perfect combination for finishing a job.

  • I received two wonderful presents from my wishlist today!

    I can share one of them with you all. lenkti has made the most gorgeous art for one of my haiku, and it's like she cracked open the secret fliptop of my head and peered inside. It's just perfect. You can find it over here.

    The other was a story by danny_oz and it's so good it made my skin do that creepy-good tingling thing.

  • emma_in_oz also started posting Pearl's Book, which is spectacular. I can't wait for the rest.

  • Everyone else has already linked to the Awesome Periodic Table, but that doesn't make it any less, well, awesome.

And as if all that wasn't enough, I have banana chips and peppermint tea! Life is good.

You know, lenkti's present has made me think that perhaps I shall run my haiku-a-thon again before Christmas. It's been a while, and I do so love haiku.
Tags: fun, life, links, presents
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