cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Questions for the Ages

Is there anything more decadent than snacking on banana dipped in melted chocolate? (nomnomnom)

Does Torchwood fandom have the best timetravel and time paradox stories ever, or what? (do not tell me Dr Who is better -- I don't have time to read in that fandom!)

Why-oh-why is the hit rate for finding awesome Torchwood stories so appalling? (gah x a billion; thank god for torchwood_house)

Is it my imagination, or are people starting to get over the End-of-SGA horror? (don't look at me, I'm still grieving over John's lack of a happy ending. Curse you PTB)

Where are the following Torchwood stories, which clearly must have be written???
  • The Very Secret Diaries of Ianto Jones
  • The Jack mpreg that doesn't make my eyes cross (no, no, of course I don't have a plot for this sitting in the back of my head. Are you crazy?)
  • The gossip fic, in which Torchwood One era Ianto collects the rumours about Captain Jack and writes them up in methodical categories in his diary.

Is it just me, or do you get a jittery Chistmas-morning feeling when you imagine the next episode of rageprufrock's Merlin AU, Redefining Protocol? (omg, I think she's going to have Merlin attend official functions as Arthur's partner and then write up snippets of the following news reports. *stuffs fist in mouth and makes embarrassing noises*)

Finally, when will I get my writing mojo back? When, dammit, when?? (I'm at that stage of recovery where the ideas are starting to pop pop pop, but I still don't have the mental energy to actually string words together. Still, my superpowered-robot-exoskeleton Jack and secret-alien Ianto story is pleasing me very much, even if it will never be written. As are the Little Red Riding Hood Merlin story, and the corporate Canadian kidfic McShep story. *happysigh*)

So, that's me. What are your questions for the ages?
Tags: ideas, misc
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