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Bushfire Relief in Perth

Whoa. I've been living like a hermit for weeks, due to summer school, so I'm really out of the loop. For the first time in ages, I had a few minutes to poke my head up today, which is why I posted the FireFox links and the (long overdue) McShep essay.

And then, on my next break from marking, I looked at the news for the first time in weeks... fuck.

For those not in Australia: many people have died in huge bushfires raging in the eastern states.

I have nothing useful to add, as I know barely anything about it, but I can link you to what's being done locally.

  • angriest is creating a fanzine this Wednesday, all proceeds to the relief fund. See here.

  • transcendancing and her crew are holding a fundraising picnic on Valentine's Day. Details here.


  • _bigjobbies_ and co. are hosting Eurogamesfest for board gamers on Feb 14th.

  • karenhealey's doing a Fuck You Firebugs Donation Drive, and says: "I'm still taking paypal donations for the Red Cross on behalf of those who can't negotiate the weirdass credit-card hoops the Red Cross makes overseas donaters jump."

  • minna is offering to double anything you donate up to five hundred bucks.

  • Myer are also taking donations and doubling them, but it looks like it's only at their Victorian stores.

There's really nothing else to say, is there? Although if you know of a local event I've missed, I'm happy to link it here if you let me know.

Thank you: fe2h2o and jya_bd_cp_ttgb for updates.
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