cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

The Secret Life of Jack Harkness, Dancing Drama Queen

You guys! I just found the best constructed reality vid! It's by a vidder I've never heard of before, leggedxl. Go check it out: Sway. It's totally worth it.

Not only does leggedxl manage to successfully vid to Dean Martin, but we get to see the secret inner life of Jack Harkness! It's more glorious than you can possibly imagine. Just as I always suspected, he's a total drama queen, dreaming about secret his (not so) secret crush, Ianto; making dashing, over-the-top rescues; and dancing, never forget the dancing.

Hahaha! It just gets better and funnier every time I watch it.

I swear, it's songvids like this that make me want to write wedding and mpreg crack. In fact... why am I not doing that right now?

*stares sadly at unending pile of marking*

Oh, yeah. Curse this being a grown-up thing. One day, my pretties! One day, the crack will be mine!

PS -- if you know of an awesome constructed reality songvid, please do share. I love them inordinately, but there are never enough.
Tags: recs, songvids, torchwood
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