cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

*taps microphone* Anybody out there?

Hello out there! It's been ages, hasn't it? Lots has been happening in real life. Since I last posted, lo these many moons ago, I've started my new job, and it's fantastic. Even better than I was hoping. Life is grand! And I say that despite it being cyclone season, which means it's felt like I'm about to have a migraine for about two weeks now. Bah. Stupid air pressure.

But I am above such things as debilitating pain! Because there is fannish news to share!

First up, it's time to renew membership for the OTW. It's just US$10 and it goes towards paying for servers for the Archive Of Our Own and other worthy things. If you have no dosh, the org is always looking for volunteers as well.

OTW: transformative kitteh

In other news, I'm thinking of doing a short-thing-a-thon again soon. I was hoping to have finished all my other projects so that I could do it this weekend, but I've been too dopey (stupid air pressure). You'd all be up for a short-thing-a-thon, right? Prompting me with your deepest and kinkiest desires? Yearning for haiku? Drabbles? Summary Executions?

Okay, yes, yes, I will come clean. Sheesh. Stop turning the screws already. I admit it, I feel a burning need to write some Torchwood timeloop/timetravel stories and I know you will leave me awesome prompts. There's no rule that a short-thing-a-thon can't have impure motivations, after all. ;)

Oh, Torchwood. Why is my fannish love always attacted to shiny cheese? And while I'm asking the hard questions, why have I not been in a timetravel fandom before? Time travel! Guh. It's only my number one SF kink. Also, how awesome is Martha Jones? I almost don't want to watch her in Dr Who now, as she's so perfect in Torchwood.

That's all my news. Watchoo all been up to?

ETA: How cool is minotaur's Giant Map of Slashers?
Tags: announcement, fandom, life
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