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Swancon 2009 - made of win

One of the things I love most about Swancon is that it's a different convention every year. Some years, it's all about the program. Others, it's all about hanging out at parties. This year? Was one of my favourites. The atmosphere was so relaxed, the program had a bunch of neat stuff, and I got to spend a lot of time with my friends. Swancon for the win!

My panels all went well too, and I promised people stuff, which I'm linking to in this post. If I've missed anything, drop a comment and I'll add it.

Writing Slash

Frontiers Commons and Copyright
Electronic Frontier Foundation; Electronic Frontiers Australia; Creative Commons; Creative Commons Australia; Organization for Transformative Works; Archive of Our Own.


Other Panel Conversations

Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF)
You should hie yourself off and vote for Emma, who is awesome, or just give a donation to support this worthy fannish institution. You can find all the info you need at the DUFF website, including an online donation form. This year voting will close May 17th. For updates about Aussie fan funds, go to aust_sf_fan_fun.

National Australian Fan Fund (NAFF)
Nominations are now open, so if you're interested in going to Conjecture, this year's Natcon, email Grant ( for more info. Deadline for nominations is Friday 24 April 2009.

Is that all? I feel like I've forgotten something... oh! Slashcon! We will be holding Slashcon this year and I will be posting about it real soon now. Watch this space.

ETA: Other Fannish Stuff of Interest
  • This year's Natcon is Conjecture, Adelaide, June 5-8.
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