cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Well, it's a comedy ayway

Today I am writing on my teeny laptop in a hotel room in Sydney. I keep hitting the wrong keys. I feel like one of those hunt-and-peck typists.

So far, if I had to summarise this trip in a single phrase, it would be "Romantic Comedy". This may just be because I'm in an insanely good mood, which survived my shuttle bus last night, which took nearly two hours to get from the airport to the hotel -- half the time of the flight. Plus being hit on by an astonishing array of sleazy men -- that hasn't happened to me in years.

It hasn't all been black humour, though. Last night, the lovely divaflip and wystii and crew took me out to China Town and stuffed me full of gluten free food, then entertained me with novelty desserts. I didn't take photos, sadly, but the volcano was awesomely random -- a bizarre concoction of ice cream, cake, uncooked (but slightly blowtorched) meringue and what looked like radioactive red and yellow syrup. Mmmm. I've never been gladder I couldn't eat something! ;)

But best of all is the hotel! Due to a rather boring booking problem, I find myself in a Masonic Lodge. It's got ye olde grande gentility coming out it's cornices. So, on the one hand, I'm going, "Oh, comfortable" (I'm a big fan of comfort, so it wins points there), but on the other hand, they have no food I can eat, and there are signs like this one on what appears to be a fire exit:

Guests are advised - "NOT TO" use this "EXIT" in the case of "FIRE"
Once you access this "EXIT" you will "ONLY" be able to "LEAVE" the building from the "GROUND FLOOR"
You will "NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS" any other floors once you are in this "STAIRWELL"

Isn't that priceless? I've taken a photo but can't get it off the camera until I get home.

Anyway, I keep expecting some dashing man or woman to sweep into the dining room and make a giant scene (chasing aliens perhaps?) at which point I shall no doubt get covered in slime, or have something fall comically on my head, as I'm clearly cast as the feisty secondary character in this movie. And then, with a wink, our dashing hero/ine will sweep out again, no doubt to catch the alien menace and fall in love with someone not at all skeevy.

I, on the other hand, will shortly wash off the slime and go to the Star Wars exhibit, then find some food I can actually eat. We shall see if my ridiculous amounts of amusement and good humour survive that. :)
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