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Idle musings

Just a thought...

Benton Fraser and Captain Jack Harkness. Who would win the tall-tale storytelling contest you know would happen while the two teams were trying to solve the hinky transcontinental case of Major Crimes Committed by Aliens?

Also, would Ianto and RayK end up in a punch-up, or would they bet on the outcome? Or both? Orrrrr would they find a bed big enough for a foursome?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Also, in the exciting new TV show Xenohunters! (about the adventures of dashing leader, Major Jacqui Rogue, plus her loyal team made up of ex-PC Tony Hooper, technician Hiro Saki, medico Dr Mary Jones, and, of course, ex-Secret Agent masquerading as a humble personal assistant, Ifan Jones (no relation), and located in the invisible Spire above Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, where there's a Crack in the metaverse running right through the city), would there be gratuitous flashback tentacle sex in the episode in which Major Rogue runs off with her ex, the Physician? Or is this a family show, in which the most you ever see is a stretch of bare leg as Ifan "helps" Jacqui takes off her trademark thigh-high boots?

Because enquiring minds really fucking want the answers to that one, too, actually.

This idle musing brought to you by an absence of Storytime, as Hope is off doing her actual job or something inconsiderate like that.

*dies of shame*
Tags: fun, ideas, storytime, torchwood
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