cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Flashfic-hub, open for business!

This evening, Hope was very kindly pandering to me as I grizzled from my sickbed. I said, "Hope, I want to write flashfic! I need a prompt." She replied, "I miss flashfic, it's the perfect thing when you need a break from the works in progress. I need a prompt too."

As one, we paused in our chatting as we had a fannish moment... then we both typed, "Let's put on a huge Broadway musical!"

And so we did: flashfic-hub is a new fortnightly flash-fiction community for Torchwood.

We're looking for prompt suggestions now, which you can make here, and we'll post the first challenge on Sunday the 10th of May.

The rules are pretty relaxed, as our primary goal is to have lots of fun and share the joy around. So come and play with us -- it's almost as fun as naked hide and seek. :)
Tags: announcement, challenge, torchwood
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