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Wot I have read and bookmarked, May 2009

One of the conversations I had in response to yesterday's post made me want to take a snapshot of my current bookmark and tag statistics on rec_room.

Total Bookmarks: 2596
Total Tags: 1538

First Bookmark: 06 JUL 07
Snapshot Taken: 09 May 09

The Top Ten Tags
fiction 2220
stargate:atlantis 1476

At least 70% of the fiction I look at, I get no more than three paragraphs in and then close the tab. I don't keep word count stats, but the stories range from under 100 words to over 100,000. The vast majority of them would be under 10,000 words long.

I would guess that I bookmark around half of the fiction I finish reading. Of those bookmarks, half are locked and just for me (because the stories are flawed but there was something interesting in them), and the other half half are openly recommended.

I find most of my reading material through four sources: 1) other people's bookmarks on delicious, 2) fandom newsletters, 3) recommendations lists of various types, and 4) searches of various kinds (academic databases, Google, reliable reference sites, etc). I rarely have time to scan my whole flist or the other news feeds I have set up, but I sometimes also find interesting links there.

While the majority of my reading is fiction, I read quite a lot of essays and reference material too; I usually use a different system to bookmark non-fiction references, which is why they aren't on rec_room.

I think I'm reading about the same amount now as I did when my primary reading material was print books. I used to read a lot of books. I still read print books occasionally, but by far the largest part of my reading is now electronic.

I read a lot.
Tags: reading
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