cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Posting fiction is hard in the post-LJ world

Tonight I'm hammering away at a story for the first flashfic-hub challenge, Undercover. It's not one of the idfics I've been talking about recently, just a character study that I'm enjoying playing with. There's a good chance I'll even post it, as I'm not currently feeling freaked out about it.

But... how do I post it? There are too many options!

Do I just post it to the flashfic community, and crosslink to my personal LJ and DW accounts? Do I just post it to the Archive of Our Own and cross-link? Do I post it to both LJ and DW and turn off the comments on one, then crosslink? Do I just post at my personal DW, and crosslink everywhere, then Archive it later?


I think I am leaning towards Archiving it, and crosslinking everywhere. It's seems sanest.

Thoughts? Experiences? Hidden traps you have discovered?
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