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Support DUFF, get a Podfic or Ficlet

I have been wondering for a while what I can do to support the current DUFF race. I've been so tired, and didn't want to commit to anything I couldn't deliver. However, [info]general_jinur has inspired me.

If you donate to DUFF before the end of the current race on Sunday May 17, and then come back and comment here, I will do one of the following:

  • Record one of my stories (your choice) as a podfic, or

  • Write you a short ficlet to prompt (like I do for summary executions), in one of the following fandoms: Torchwood (any pairing) or Stargate Atlantis (McKay/Sheppard or gen). I may be open to other fandoms and/or pairings, but you need to check with me first.

This is an honour system, so if you tell me you've donated, I'll believe you. You can pay online with PayPal, or in a variety of other ways. Here's the website: and the deadline is this Sunday, 17 May. You need to comment here by then.

DUFF is the Down Under Fan Fund, which sends fans between North America and Australia for conventions, and in the process spreads fannish ideas and builds networks. All the candidates are awesome this year, so voting for any of them would be worthwhile for fandom. Just donating without a vote will also support the fund, and would be worthwhile. All that said, I'm supporting Emma Hawkes, who is a dedicated fannish worker, wonderful fundraiser and generally decent human being.

Vote for DUFF!

This idea brought to you by the lovely [info]general_jinjur, who has just podficced my SGA story Happily Every After. And it is awesome. :)

You can find the podfic post here.
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