cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Life, Web2 and Feminist Fail

I actually felt actively good today! It's so long since that happened, I don't quite know what to do with myself. If I eat or drink something I might jinx it, which makes me feel rather Alice-in-Wonderland-ish, except more emo. :)

Work was very web 2.0 today. It's all starting to come together in my mind, and I can see how to integrate it into teaching so that it will all work. Yay. Go me. In a nutshell, it boils down to this:

You can lead a cohort to Web2, but you can't make 'em click.

Hahahaha. I slay myself with my wit.

In other news, I tried to buy a poster for my office wall today. So far, I have a Warhol-esque one of Princess Leia with a blaster, and an awful lot of empty white space. This is because none of the posters meet my work-space checklist:
  • Preferably SF, although fine art will do if I like it enough to stare at it every day.
  • Either gender balanced groups, or women-focused, or non-gendered inanimate objects (ie. The TARDIS).
  • The women can be gorgeous, but not overly sexualised, and especially not TnA shots.
  • Not Twilight related.

Apart from Leia, all the other SF women are in TnA shots (Jessica Alba, I'm looking at you; plus the Bond Girls). The non-SF women are mostly overly sexualised (Marilyn Monroe; those lovely lesbian kiss photos; plus chainmail-bikini clad fantasy women) or outnumbered by males (Miss Piggy -- also overly sexualised compared to the male muppets; and Leela from Futurama). Which leaves Twilight, and Audrey Hepburn, who is lovely, but I'm a bit over her. Even the fine art women tend to be the sexy ones, or else the cliches like the Mona Lisa.

There is no Buffy, no TARDIS and companions, no Sarah Connor, no Tippi Hedren, no Fergie from Black-eyed Peas. NO WOMEN SUITABLE FOR MY WALL, except Leia, and even she has a gun, which I would have preferred not to have in a work space. *clings to Leia*

I'm kind of tired of this, you know?

*goes off to write mpreg slash, about two men in love and still able to have action-packed jobs and adventures... yes, anthropologists, it's a puzzle as to why such a thing might appeal to me*
Tags: feminism, life, rant
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