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New Soap: The Pirate Bay

Have you all been following the Pirate Bay case? It's completely fascinating! I didn't follow the Napster trial very closely back in the day, but from what I remember there are some key differences between then and now. For a start, the "win" for TPTB doesn't feel at all like a win. I'm not sure what to make of it all yet, but I'm completely enthralled. It's better than a soap.

A Little Compromised, by Stan Schroeder, June 5th 2008, on Mashable.

If File Sharing is a Crime, We’re All Criminals, by Stan Schroeder, February 18th 2009, on Mashable.

Swedish Pirate Party Doubles in Size After Bay Verdict, by Wired Staff, April 22 2009, on Wired.

Pirate Bay Founder Devises DDo$ Attack, by BP TEAM, May 10 2009, on Blog Pirate.

Pirate Bay Bias Charge: ‘Random’ Judge Assignment Wasn’t, by David Kravets and Kerstin Sjoden, May 15 2009, on Wired.

Artists Don’t Want Pirate Fans to be Disconnected by Ernesto, on May 18 2009, on TorrentFreak.

Record Labels Increase Legal Pressure on Pirate Bay, by enigmax, on May 19 2009, on TorrentFreak.

Biased Pirate Bay Judge Judged by More Biased Judges, by Ernesto on May 20 2009, on TorrentFreak.

In somewhat related news, the BBC are in discussions with YouTube to show Beeb content in its entirety. Judging by the article, they still haven't quite got their distribution philosophy right for the digital era, but closer, closer.
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