cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Things I Know

Things I didn't know an hour ago:
  • My belt is actually a Power Belt. It continued to heroically hold up my jeans even when they were waterlogged and exceedingly heavy. Yay for a lack of accidental street nudity.

  • When the back of your knickers are very wet, and the front of your knickers are still toasty and dry due to the shopping bag you are clutching, the sensation when you walk is rather odd.

  • My new and very expensive automatically folding-and-unfolding umbrella, which I was very dubious about ("It folds itself up again when you press the... whoa. Nifty. But will it work in gale force winds?") does in fact work in gale force winds without buckling, turning inside-out or leaking.

  • *presses umbrella's magic "close" button with one finger and drops not a single item of shopping, or the cup of coffee, or the keys* <-- I don't think I've ever managed that before.

Things I didn't know a day ago:
  • That some people are just fine with calling themselves "Luddites" while sitting in a meeting about how to build better Web 2.0 technology.

  • That I can remain professional when people tell me to my face (on more than one occasion) that my skills are valueless, usually with no self-awareness of what they have just said. (However, on the most recent occasion, I may also have thought: just wait until Google Wave gets here. All your students will expect you to use it. HAHAHAHA!)

Things I didn't know a week ago:
  • Freedom Food's Blissful Berry gluten free cookies (their word, not mine) taste just like I remember Wagon Wheels tasting. NOM NOM NOM. Never thought I'd taste Wagon Wheels again!

  • That Jack/anyone might by my new OTP. The evidence: WHO-SW Jack/Chewbacca, 'Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness' by frostfire_17 Ahahaha. I heart that story so much. There should be a zillion stories in which Jack just goes around seducing people with witty conversation and charm. And then has kinky fur/tentacle/alien orgy/telepathic sex. Rowrrrrr.

Also, I'm seriously loving the RPG happening over in ask_aboutcoffee and ask_captainjack. The comment threads crack me up.

Now I'm feeling all inspired and happy, so I'm thinking I should seize the moment and actually try to write some fic! What would you write about, if you were me, oh flist? Tell me your secret desires. *adopts seductive storytime pose*
Tags: life, links, torchwood
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