cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Lulls, LOLs and Dohs!

It's my day off today, and my room is all toasty and lovely, which cruelly lulled me into thinking the day was relatively balmy despite the rain. What? That happens. I remember quite clearly from science class. It's all to do with evaporation and stuff.

Anyway. Then I opened a window. Brrrr. *closes window with speedy speed*

I have to go out in that shortly, to have my teeth probed. Insult to injury. That is no way to spend a day off.

In other news:

  • A Harvard Study Finds Weaker Copyright Protection Has Benefited Society. I haven't read the whole report yet, but it looks very interesting. For a value of interesting in which I'm a giant nerd about copyright. :)

  • And in the kind of timing that is freakishly common on the intertubes, imeem are shutting down their user-generated content areas; in other words, getting rid of songvids. If you have songvids there, you need to move them by the end of the month. Other fan-friendly sites are discussed in this post: Copyright Policies: Blip.TV, BAM Video Vault & Viddler. You can get good general info from vidding.

  • And speaking of user-generated content, the Pirate Bay's YouTube Competitor is "Coming Soon".

    Interesting times, people! In-ter-esting times.

  • In happier news, the Tardis Big Bang has opened. \o/

  • And speaking of Torchwood, I finished reading Almost Perfect. You were all correct. It is one of the best tie-in novels I've read. The genderfuck actually made me laugh instead of cringe, which I admit I had thought a distinct possibility. A lot of tie-in writers handle fannish cliches very very badly. But no! It is a delightful confection with many funny bon mots.

  • I have also finished off reccing Stargate: Atlantis and Star Trek: Reboot on crack_van. Just in time to be pinged for Merlin in July. <-- This is me in lurk mode, with no energy to do anything. LOL.

I'm kind of tired of lurk mode; I miss you all, you know. Bah. Having no energy is VERY ANNOYING.
Tags: copyright, life, links, torchwood
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