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Wikis and the Whoniverse

Okay, my brain is actually working like gangbusters today! I don't know what to do with myself first. I was about to listen to the final Torchwood radio play, and then I had a BRILLIANT IDEA.

We could do storytime in a wiki.

I know, right!

Is there a Whoniverse wiki for fun times?

So, here's my question. Which wiki does fandom use for communal projects? Not Fanlore wiki, because that's an info repository, and so is Wikipedia. Not Ning or Moodle or any of those, because they are 'educational'. Not the SPN wiki or the Trek or Gate wikis, because they are about canon and also specific to those fandoms.

WTF, fandom! Do we not have a communal multi-fandom project wiki????

How would I build one? Give me advice, oh fandom.

Rooms in the Whoniverse

And on a related topic, in your fevered imaginations, what rooms do you imagine the TARDIS having? The control room(s) obviously. But what else? Kitchen? Bedrooms? Library? Arboretum?

What about the Hub? We know about the Archives, and the conference room, and Jack's office and hole. But what else is there??

Take Poll on DreamWidth

By all mean, make further comment in the comments. :)

And now I really am going to listen to that radio play. *runs off*
Tags: discussion, poll, torchwood, web2
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