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Touch Wood: Ask not for whom the phone rings (Part 3)

Touch Wood: Ask not for whom the phone rings

a fannish love-in of Torchwood S3 by cupidsbow

The final radio play. *sniff* I've really enjoyed having these to listen to in the evenings, while tucked up in bed, all toasty and warm. I think I shall have to get more into podfics. Anyone got any good Torchwood podfic recs?

In other news, I ranted earlier today about the lack of Web 2.0 communal story spaces for fandom, because I really love the idea of collaborative storytelling. I've done a tiny bit of it through chat and google docs -- just enough to get a taste for it. So anyway, rather than just rant, I've actually gone and created a sandbox that we can play in. Right this way to the...

Multifandom Story Time Wiki

Anyone can edit it at the moment -- you don't even need a login -- so go ahead and have some fun! Build neat stuff! Add pics, stories, commentary! Whatever floats your boat, basically.

I've put a wee bit of Torchwoody stuff in there, just to kick things off, but you are welcome to create a space for other fandom(s) and add new indexes as needed. If you are a wiki boffin, please feel free to do some structural-fu and make it easier to use (I'm kind of a n00b with wikis still, so help is welcome).

If the experiment is successful and people use it, I'll see what I can do about getting it transferred to a more fan friendly, long-term home.

Today's Episode: The radio play The Dead Line by Phil Ford, which you can download here until the 9th July. Or you can stream here.

Review: I'm going to blog my reactions as I listen... [S3 SPOILERS -- scroll down to /SPOILERS]

*listens to ad*

Oh, BBC listeners get Le Carre dramatisations! I'm jealous.

Aaaand on with the show...

Gah! That particular phone tone drives me bananas.

OMG, the way Ianto said "friend". He makes it sound like he rings up Jack's multitude of other lovers all the time. Actually... that idea amuses me. I might need to fic it.

Cool hook: for a given value of "dying," clearly, but I'm intrigued.

The evocation of place is good in this, as it was in Golden Age. I wonder what went so tragically wrong with Asylum.

Oh, is Stella an ex-Torchwood employee? I thought they were all retconned. Interesting! She's beautifully cast -- great voice. Gwen and Ianto seem in good form too.

An epidemic of spooky-do coma patients. I like it.

I wonder if that phone number Bob Roberts gives is the UK equivalent of the fake movies numbers American films use. Now that's what I call a wrong number.

Yay for Ianto snark. Oh, and they do the car keys thing. That's cute.

Jack's good this ep. He really sounds like Jack.

[Aside: I'm scanning my feeds while listening, and came across this: UK Police Told To Use Wikipedia When Preparing For Court. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Torchwood uses Wikipedia! Hahaha. It would explain a lot.]

Oh, Jack. "Museum chic." That's so apropos. I love Jack's tall stories. He has an awesome memory too. I wonder if it's augmented? That's the kind of thing the Time Agency would do.

RHYS! I love Rhys. Over-protective Gwen is kind of cute.

Jack's pick-up lines suck. His success has to be in the delivery, because they are always awful. LOL. Also, Ianto would absolutely go to a horror movie with Jack.

A flirting moment, with tacky seventies flavour! That's fantastic. Also, I'm totally unsurprised that Jack "checks in" on all his old flames. He's a stalker at heart. Take away the charm and he's really pretty creepy; no wonder John Hart is afraid of him. He also has a thing for women he can nickname "Stell", doesn't he?

Jack is really pretty casual about his own safety. That must make Ianto mental.

So, I've been hearing rumours about Jack/Ianto in season three, and this hospital scene seems to confirm them. That might well make things a bit racy in Children of Earth. :)

I like the way the timey-wimey is being used in this ep. In fact, it's a double whammy -- timey-wimey and possible telepathy. SF for the win!

"Captain Scarlett" -- oh, Rhys. *hearts him to bits* I like that he thinks big, but really. Shutting down the whole communications network? Yeah, that'll be safer than a random telepathic beasty. *rolls eyes*

Ianto and Stella are pretty awesome. Stella gives good science geek.

Okay, I'm really loving this. It's a tense plot, strong characterisation, and some good SF stuff. But if it ends up that the coma patients are being used as batteries, I will be peeved. I kind of hope they're being used by an entity trying to send a distress signal across time. I don't suppose it's Jack crossing his own timeline; probably a Rift monster.

Cardiff and West Building Society. I'm sensing a bank-bashing theme! Perhaps it's a swindle gone wrong? And the robbers have been trapped in the Rift in some timey-wimey way.

Rhys is the king of B&E.

What is that smell? Dead bodies perhaps? Ha.

The production values are really nice on this.


I wonder how many doomed bedside conversations Ianto has had in his life? His mother was committed, then there was Lisa, and now this. STICK A KNIFE IN MY HEART, PHIL FORD. But, just so you know, if Ianto says anything sappy, you're fired. No woobie!Ianto in the pro-fic, please.

*very tentatively unpauses*

Yes, yes. It's a deal, Ianto... Now cut away back to Gwen and Rhys, please Phil.

*quickly pauses again*

If this were a fanfic, I would have a finger hovering over the Back tab at this point, unless it was by an author I really trusted. I'm loving this story so far, but if Ianto declares his undying love, I'm going to be very unhappy.


I guess this speech is no worse than Ianto's "in a tent with Lisa" speech during Cyberwoman.

"A blip in time." Okay, I forgive you, Phil, even though this is totally woobie!Ianto that you're giving us. Gah. And now it's canon. *weeps* At least he didn't declare undying love.

I need a cup of tea now, before I can go on. That was gruelling.

Right then. Tea is drunk. Let's see how it ends.

So, we have another smarmy condescending bad guy. Oh, he's gonna get his. Get him, Gwen!

Dun dun DUN. The plot is about to coagulate.

I love how competent Ianto is with a PDA.

The old virus trick, eh? That's a bit of a let down. Why is the answer always an EMP?

You know, intangible mental-plane battles never really translate to visual or auditory media. They work in books where you can describe thought processes in lush detail, but that's about it. That one in Dark City was such an anti-climax. This one is too. :(

I find it charming that Jack still flirts with his ex-lovers, no matter what age they are. How has Ianto not noticed that?

Theme music! *hums along*

So, what a mixed bag. The performances were strong: Jack was in character for the few scenes he was in; Gwen and Rhys were awesome; and GDL did a really great job of Ianto's impossible speech (even though it had me squirming with horror). The plot was intriguing, and the production values excellent. However, the ending was weak and rushed compared to the rest of the play, and the bedside confession scene nearly did me in. I won't be forgetting that in a hurry, I can tell you!

[/SPOILERS] The verdict: In nearly every way, this is the strongest of the three plays, although it hit one of my personal squicks. Despite that, it's well worth a listen.

Extras: I'm usually not a fan of behind the scenes stuff, mostly because I tend to cringe a bit at over the top antics. But I really love behind the scenes stuff in which the tech people talk about making things, and especially when they are super competent. Competence is so sexy. Rawrrr. Anyway, I found this rather lovely blog entry about the coordination of recording the radio plays: "How about one-and-a-half?" Torchwood on Radio 4 by Kate McAll. Check it out!

Fannish Stuff: Today's songvids provide a useful illustration, I think, of different Jack-reading positions. *nods*

MULTI Various Pairings, 'Impress Me' by SmutCutter (songvid) (PG-13)
This is a glorious love letter to all our fandoms, but is also the most crackalicious meta about the flaws of our favourite leading men. Hahahaha. This? Is the Jack that belongs to woobie!Ianto.

TW Jack/Ianto, 'Sway' by leggedxl (songvid) (PG-13)
This, on the other hand? Is how Jack sees himself. OMG, I think this is my all-time favourite Torchwood songvid. It makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. *smishes Jack to bits*

Cathy Says: I promised haiku, didn't I?

An Ode to Woobie!Ianto

I, Jones: butler, guard
dog, food and beverage, dry
cleaning, part-time shag.

I, Jones, teaboy to
a monster, yearning for a
grande cappuccino.

I, Jones. Always Jones.
Never: darling, sweetheart or
Ianto Jones-Harkness.

Captain H. (for 'Hello, my name is...')

Captain Jack Harkness
believes a greeting is stage
one of seduction.

Stage two is a touch:
hand-to-hand will do. ("Hello!
And who might you be?")

Stage three is sex: long,
hard, do me, do me, make me
come, oh God, yes! Jack!

Rinse, repeat ("Oh, Jack!")
retcon, relate it to the
team, and that's stage four.

There is no stage five;
commitment's reserved only
for Doctors and death.
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