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Touch Wood: Hoopy froodness (Part 6)

Touch Wood: Hoopy froodness

a fannish love-in of Torchwood S3 by cupidsbow

Okay, now that I have seen episode one, I can safely admit that I had been pretty unimpressed by the trailers for this season of Torchwood. They made the plot look... naff.


Best case of mismatched advertising EVER! \o/

Today's Episode: "Children of Earth: Day One," Torchwood, Season 3.

Review: I was too excited to type notes as I watched, but you can find my reactions under the cut... [S3 SPOILERS -- scroll down to /SPOILERS]


This was a zillion times better than I was expecting. The plot was tense, the acting was strong, the music worked, and the character development was interesting. Plus, everyone was gorgeous.

You can really see where all the time and money went with this season.

I loved the doctor and was rather sad to see him die -- I would have been quite happy if he had become one of the team. Brilliant bit of writing that. It totally fooled me. It's so rare for a show to manage that.

The politics is really creepy-good. The Prime Minister! What an ass. Just who you don't want running a country during an emergency. They paid for real actors and it shows; they make the scenes play so well.

And speaking of creepy... Jack is the creepiest Dad IN THE WORLD. Jesus. I kind of love it though. We keep getting told he was a psycho before he met the Doctor, but we don't often get hints of just how deep that goes. But the scene with his daughter? Gah.

I also loved Ianto's sister. She's just on such a different planet to Ianto. You can see where that relationship foundered, after about three seconds of dialogue. No, before that even, when Ianto just handed over money to the kids!

God, he and Jack really are the perfect match, aren't they?

I hope we get more Rhys in the next episode. I love Rhys. Also, I kind of expected to hate the way they handled Gwen being pregnant, but I didn't.

Err. I'm just dribbling on here, really, so I think I'll stop now. Maybe I'll have a saner review for you tomorrow, once the relief and euphoria have worn off.

In short: *kermit the frog arms*

[/SPOILERS] The verdict: Seriously good television. Yes, I'm as shocked as you are, but this is top-notch so far. I'm intrigued and creeped out and keen for the next ep.

Extras: Today I present you with A Dictionary of UK Slang, because every self-respecting Torchwood fanfic writer should have one. It includes such gems as:
  • have a bat in the cave: To have nasal mucus visible up a nostril. Used euphemistically.

  • pink oboe: The penis. Also in 'play the pink oboe'.

  • weasel-water: A drink that is weak and insipid, often used with reference to tea.

There. Don't you feel the improvement to your mind already?

Fannish Stuff: So. I finished watching the episode and I thought to myself, "There's a songvid in that. Shame I'm not a better vidder." And then I thought about it a bit more, and realised it was a crack vid of epic proportions and it didn't need skill, just shamelessness. And let's face it, I can fake that with the best of them. :)

With no further ado, I proudly present:

TW Jack/Ianto, 'Shot in the Back' by cupidsbow (PG-13) SEASON THREE SPOILERS!
Someone had to do it! Don't tell me you weren't thinking it too. And there's a warning under the cut... [WARNING and SPOILER] This songvid contains an implied miscarriage. [/WARNING] ETA: You can watch it streaming or embedded from this post.

PS -- I apologise for FileFront having changed its interface into the ugliest thing in the world. In the morning I'll have a go at creating a YouTube account or a Bam/Blip vault thingy, and I'll upload the vid there too.

Cathy Says: Dudes! Tell me what you all thought of episode one. I'm dying to know! (No spoilers for the rest of the season, please.) Did you like it? Did you? Did you? Which bits?
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