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Torchwood: made of fandom win

Okay, I'm done being emo about Torchwood. I briefly thought I might break up with it if the canon was dodgy. It wasn't dodgy though, just uber-angsty. I scoff at uber-angsty.

You know how Torchwood fandom deals with uber-angsty canon? [SPOILERS for CoE]

Nope, not by ignoring it. Good guess, but that is for mere pretenders. ;) No, it's much better than that. In Torchwood, we just have a timey-wimey sense of canon already. So when we want to write a story about Suzie Costello, we do! It doesn't matter that she died in canon three seasons ago. Likewise for Tosh and Owen stories. They are still kicking asses and taking names all over Cardiff, judging by fanon. You wanna write a story about Ianto and Lisa at Torchwood One? Pshaw. No problems. Bonus points if Jack turns up and has a bunfight with Yvonne. And speaking of Yvonne, you wanna write a story in which she and Jack have sex post-cyber-conversion? IT'S BEEN DONE. And that Captain John and Captain Jack story in which they have Time Agency adventures? Right on, baby, you write that sucker. We'll read it. It's all good.

And now, when we fancy it, we can write CoE fic. We can write it in between eps 1-3 if we want, or post-series, with Jack's awesome intergalactic adventures. Ianto can be on the TARDIS and meet up with him. Or maybe Ianto's having a Rift accident back in 2006, and ends up on an alien world in 2134. Or... actually, there are already a zillion ways he could end up in space, and even more fixes for his death, even before it happened. I swear, non-dead Ianto stories are a fanon mainstay in this fandom. Hell, I've thought up three goodies already, just since yesterday, not to mention nearly all my dozens of WIPs still work without even any rejigging, because they were all timey-wimey anyway. [/SPOILER]

In short: Torchwood rocks. I can't wait to do storytime! (Do you hear that, Hope! You and me, dude. It's a date! I bags Myfanwy!)

In other news:
  • Bruce Sterling talks about the future at reboot. Interesting, sometimes insightful, and quite funny in places, although a bit specious too. But that's kind of fitting given the topic.

  • Report: 20% of online video fans watch less TV. Not as significant as the title makes it sound, but nonetheless, consumption patterns just keep on shifting.

  • You can now filter Google image searches for Creative Commons stuff on the advanced search window. \o/

  • I rarely notice ads, they just flash by as white noise I screen out. But this one caught my attention because it had the word 'fan' in it. And it's genius.

  • This compilation post of Star Trek graphjams made me laugh.

And on that note, I think it's my bedtime.
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