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Touch Wood: The Face of... (Epilogue)

Touch Wood: The Face of...

a fannish mourning for Torchwood S3 by cupidsbow

I originally thought I might wind down from the climax of season three by blogging for a few more days (I still have the final radio play and audio book sitting in my 'unread' folder, and some of the tie-in novels are worth reviewing too, like Almost Perfect and Pack Animals.) It was a good plan, especially as I've really loved doing this daily blog and will miss it. But I'm honestly too exhausted for it. Emotions! Who'd have 'em?

There are still a few last things I want to say, though.

Cathy Says: I've been thinking some more about Jack and the role he plays in the Whoniverse, and finding it extremely unsettling... [S3 SPOILERS -- scroll down to /SPOILERS]

I'm pretty sure RTD is on record as saying there's no God in the Whoniverse, although I can't remember where I read that. Ironically, I kinda took it on faith before that RTD meant what he said about Torchwood being anti-religious and queer-friendly. But in the wake of season three, it's clear the show is not queer-friendly, with every major queer character dead or damned, and the het ones getting something very like a happy ending.

So in light of that, let's think about God in the Whoniverse for a minute.

The closest there is to a God figure is, obviously, the Doctor. He's a fallible god, yes, but a powerful one. He's the Oncoming Storm, and a lord of space and time, and he's committed both genocide and murder, as well as bringing salvation to hundreds of planets. So, if he's not just a god-like figure, but an actual God figure, we should find other figures in the text that parallel him, depending on which religion is being evoked, right?

If we look for an antithesis, we quickly find the Master: a former God who fell from grace and devoted himself to chaos and evil. I think the particular religious monomyth this is evoking is pretty clear. If the Master is not a parallel for Lucifer (former angel and beloved of God), then what is he?

And if we are, indeed, working within a Christian framework, there are some other key players we should find...

Like the TARDIS and it's time vortex -- surely the Holy Ghost.

Like Rose -- a human woman who is touched by godhood in order to create life without sex.

By now, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this, right? Because there's only one major figure left in this story: the man who bears all of humanity's sins, for their redemption. The one who is hated and sacrificed. The one who comes back to life after he dies.


(And as a side note: Ianto is a dragon pterodon slayer tamer.)

I could go on with the parallels, but I will spare you.

I don't know why I didn't see this before, but now that I have I feel kind of sick. One of the audio books I reviewed this week had a strong religious theme in it, and even that didn't twig me to it. I must be going blind and stupid.

The bizarre thing is that this is not the subtext that I'm reading in Torchwood fanfiction. I've seen and loved the way fanfiction transforms problematic canon before, but in this case, it's like the fanfiction is telling a completely different story. It's not that the fanfiction doesn't touch on godhead, but the Christian monomyth is not, for the most part, its playground. And thank goodness for that.

I'm not sure what to do with this realisation just yet. I need to think on it some more. But it is making me screw up my face in a very unattractive way. >:(

I hate to end my season three blog on that note, but I'm still struggling to write fic at the moment, and really, that's the main way I see of offering an effective counterargument at this stage. We shall see what happens, I guess.

In any case, I hope you've all enjoyed coming along on the ride with me. It's been really something, hasn't it?


Extras: You can find a whole heap of Torchwood related stuff archived at iantos_desktop.

Also, if anyone has mirrored the extra stuff on the Beeb website that's locked to non-UK, point me to it? I'd love to know what's in there.

Fannish Stuff: It's been such a trip going back through my archive and watching all my favourite songvids again. I'm finishing up with a brand new one, and an old favourite.

TW Jack/Ianto, 'The Scream' by obsessive24 (songvid) (PG-15)
MAJOR SPOILERS FOR CoE. This is really hard to watch, but captures the themes of the series brilliantly.

TW Jack/Everyone, 'You're So Damn Hot' by Melina (songvid) (PG-13)
Watching these vids in the wake of CoE makes everything read differently. But this vid is still perfectly Jack. (Oh, Jack.)

Okay, kids. That's it. Go home! We're done here.

Unless you want to tell me your thoughts about Torchwood, season 3, Jack, Jack/Ianto, or anything else Whoniverse. Because that's something I'd love to know about. :)
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