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What exactly did happen to...?

Seven Children of Earth stories I now desperately want to read:

  1. Dr Rupesh Patanjali actually does infiltrate Torchwood Three and becomes their doctor. Look, I'd be totally happy if he was just the puppyish, keen young medic who was all, "Wow, aliens, let me join!" But even better would be if he was still on his infiltration mission. That was such a great plot, and totally wasted. Think about it! How long before Ianto realises Rupesh is hiding a metaphorical robot in the basement? How will Jack react? Will Rupesh's loyalties change in the face of Torchwood's dashing kookiness? Who will prove the better conman, as team Torchwood tries to figure out what's going on without tipping their hand or giving up more info than they have to? There's so much room for a completely riveting cat-and-mouse thriller in this premise, and it would be awesome to see it playing out over several episodes/cases.

  2. Alice and Ianto. You know if they ever meet it's going to be tragic and horrible. I WANT TO SEE IT. Preferably with a zany Rift incident and the two of them having to rescue themselves and/or the team, because they are both awesome, and got short shrift in that regard in the mini-series.

  3. Too many Jacks! Look, we all know there was a high likelihood of at least one other Jack being stored in the Hub's cryo units, right? So, after all the soldiers go away, Future-Jack slowly reassembles somewhere down in the smoking ruins, and then he's awake, whole, not in the right century, and PISSED. There are lots of ways you could play this one, from slapstick laughs, as Jack tries to avoid himself while giving the team a helping hand, to sneaky and a bit creepy, in which Jack steals Ianto's body and revives him with, like, a mystical metal shoe or something.

  4. *mumble mumble mumble babies mumble mumble*

  5. Jack and Ianto cruising in their sports car of overcompensation! Hahahaha.

  6. The rest of the Whoniverse actually shows up to help during CoE. Because, seriously, where the hell are they? Did Sarah Jane have a pressing hair appointment that week? And Martha? I just flat-out don't believe that Martha was bonking Tom the whole time. What about the Brig? I don't care if the rest of UNIT were suddenly taken over by brain parasites and became bad guys: where the hell was the Brig!? And don't even get me started on the other Companions that are still around, or Torchwood Two, or, you know, ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS WE'VE EVER SEEN FIGHT ALIENS EVER. Yes, I may be a little bitter about the stupid contortions the writers put the 'plot' through in order make Jack feel all that important, lonely ManPain. But! I want to know exactly what was happening to all the other Whoniverse people. It must have been something pretty full-on, right? I bet they have some stories to tell.

  7. And last but by no means least, I want the story in which all the refugee aliens that Torchwood clearly lets hang around on Earth (as long as they aren't eating people) rise up en masse and boot the 456 out of Earth's orbit. ("And don't come back, or you'll get the sharp end of our disintegrator beam!") Because those stupid, drugged-out 456 bastards are mucking it up for everyone else. Earth won't be a peaceful, prosperous backwater retreat any more if the population is a) decimated, and b) violently xenophobic and ready to kill all aliens on sight! So... Weevils unite! Goldfish people for a free Earth! Pteradon's for liberty! Etcetera.

So, what post-CoE questions are still bugging you? And what stories do you want to read?
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