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blah, blah, blah, morons

You know that classic Larson cartoon, where there's a dog being spoken to by its owner, and all the dog hears is, "Blah, blah, blah, walkies, blah, blah, blah, Fido"?

I wish I could do art, because that is pretty much how I feel any time anyone outside "media" fandom (I wish we had a more inclusive name for our community) talks about fanfiction, fan art, songvids, or the fans who make them. I just need to make a few slight alterations and the cartoon would encapsulate the experience perfectly.

It would look like this: there's one lonely fangirl sitting in the middle of a lecture theatre, and all around her are people nodding along to what the lecturer at the front is saying. You can spot the fangirl, because she's the one rolling her eyes so hard it looks like she's having an aneurysm.

What that fangirl hears is this:

"Misogyny, misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, FANFICTION, total ignorance of fannish history and culture, body hatred, homophobia, SLASH, incorrect use of standard terminology, misogyny, the mind/body fallacy, sexism, HENRY JENKINS, racism, religious dogma masquerading as common sense, ad hominem attacks, ignorance, THE INTERNET, homophobia, think of the children, fear of sex, misogyny."

Outside of the "nine hysterical women" who make up media fandom, everyone I meet is that lecturer.

Yes, I'm talking about YOU and YOU, and also, YOU.

This post brought to you by the overwhelming stupidity of people who should know better.

ETA: At present there are no spoilers for CoE in comments, but there are links to spoilery articles and stuff.
Tags: rant
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