cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Prompts and Freebies

I have two bits of news for you today.

First, omnijaxual is now open for prompts. So if you've ever wanted a story in which Jack Harkness chats up... Zaphod Breeblebox or Gaila or Shrek (or all three at once!), go forth and add your cracked out suggestions to the already amazingly cracked out list. *boggles at suggested pairings*

I honestly can't decide what I want to write, but I'm gonna try one of them, OMG.

Second, I have MANY DreamWidth invites to give away. If you would like one, just leave a comment; I'll give 'em away until they are gone.

That is all. Go upon your way.

*these are definitely the droids Jack's looking for*
Tags: announcement, links, torchwood
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