cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

The sad state of the news

After several weeks of almost being a good correspondent, I've fallen off the wagon. Sorry to all those I owe emails. It is because I have the lurgy. *sniffles* It's just a cold, but I feel terrible, and have for most of the week.

In happier news, several of my stories have been nommed for the McShep Awards! Given that I've drifted away from SGA, I doubt I'll be up for these awards again, so this feels like a pretty wonderful farewell gift. There's some great stuff nommed this year too -- I've especially enjoyed revisiting the songvids. You should go have a read/watch.

omnijaxual is still making me happy, too. The prompts over there are so cracked out. Hahahaha. Maybe I'll have a go at writing Jack/one of the doors from Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Or Jack/Gaila from Star Trek reboot (shortest chat-up ever, right? Gaila: "Wanna fuck?" Jack: *strips* Gaila and Jack: *multiple orgasms*). On the other hand, I kinda want to do Jack and a robot, but I can't decide which robot... Maria from Metropolis? Hymie from Get Smart? The Terminator? Decisions, decisions.

I don't have much other news. I've just been slobbing around feeling sick and sorry for myself. I'll get back to that now.
Tags: life, links, sga, torchwood
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