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My Whoniverse Adventure

I love it here! Wow, that totally blindsided me. I was expecting to have lots of fun, and Hope and I really are! But it's also gorgeous here, and the weather has been fantastic. *crosses fingers not to jinx it*

We're about to go off and do more stuff, so the highlights while I drink tea.

First stop on our Whoniverse Adventure was Canary Wharf. My god, people. Why has that location not been used for a thousand fics! I can now see why Ianto has a rich James Bond fantasy life. Never fear, I will fill this stunning lack of fic on my return. Also, I have photos.

We have also done Tescos and Debenhams. Hahaha. Debenhams is like Myer, but tackier, if you can believe that. Tescos I need to explore further, but it seems completely ordinary.

On the food front, Hope has been doing all the hard work eating Welsh Cakes from M&S, and drinking Pimms. Having done in-depth reseach on the intertubes last night, I am now assured that Pimms is made largely of gin, so I think I will try some next time we go drinking.

The Grande Event so far on our Adventure was going to La Cage au Folles last night, in which John Barrowman played Zaza. I was, I admit, a bit apprehensive about this, as the movie adaptation was so cringe-worthy. My fear was completely unfounded! Yay. The stage show was delightful, with no cringe in sight. And, as I had suspected, John Barrowman is a good stage actor; he acted and sang his heart out and had the audience in the palm of his well-manicured and very large hands by the end. It was pretty awesome, very gay, and everyone had magnificent legs. Who could ask for more from musical theatre?

In short, the trip so far is made of win. And now we're off to take in some culture at the Tate and the Museum.

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