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Remix and Waves

$10,000 prize money for remixes

Yes, you read that right! The Aussie government and Creative Commons have got together and put up prize money for remixes of open resources from government archives. You can find all the details right here.

I have to say, I'm tempted to make a collage or vid -- some of the photo archives and maps are kind of neat. And with that kind of prize money, some of you should definitely give it a go! You're talented enough to have a good chance of winning.

OTW Donation Drive

And speaking of the awesomeness of fannish remix culture, it's fundraising time at the OTW. They've just bought the shiny new servers for the Archive of Our Own, which is about to go into open beta. So it's time to refill the coffers to fund more projects and keep the established ones ticking over.

The online donation form is right this way

Google Wave is here

I feel quite smug, as I now have a shiny new Google Wave account! \o/

Sadly, I only have 3 people on my contact list so far, which makes it a bit hard to wave, and the account is under my RL name so I'm not posting the name here. But if you have a Google Wave account too, let me know via email and we can Try Stuff Out.

I haven't figured the bells and whistles out yet. I keep poking at things, and some stuff is awesome, and some is not at all intuitive, and some is not working yet. Typical open beta, in other words. Exciting though. I really want to try writing a multi-media storytime in it. HOW COOL WILL THAT BEEEEEE???

What's going on in your neck of the internets?
Tags: announcement, challenge, otw, remix, web2
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