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Some Thoughts on Vidding

It's been a good weekend. I got my [info - personal] crack_van rec set all done for Torchwood, read some fic, listened to music, ate fantastic food and made a vid. Who could ask for more.

And how much do I love vidding right now! I'm really pleased with how my most recent songvid turned out. It's actually very close to the idea in my head, which isn't something I expected to happen for a while yet.

The few quibbles I have with it are more to do with Movie Maker than my choices: for instance, the ending should really finish with a close up on the words "Order to Kill" but that requires playing the clip backwards (or an awful lot of fiddling around with stills and stuff), and there's no facility for reverse playback in Movie Maker. It'll be nice to upgrade my computer (this month, my pretties!) and get proper editing software so I can do that kind of thing.

I don't really think of myself as a 'vidder', but I've done three Torchwood vids now (you can find them at BAM and FileFront), and it's becoming apparent that I have a style already. Who knew? I thought I was just playing around!

This is what is clear so far:

  • I love making short vids, under 2 minutes.

  • I love choosing music samples without a lyric. That's really not the fannish vogue, is it? But now I think of it, several of my absolute favourite songvids are like that, plus they're short as well. (Note to self: I should put together a rec set next weekend.)

  • So far, I've manipped all the music tracks I've used -- although at a very basic level. Mostly just snipping and doing fade-outs and stuff. That said, I'm seriously thinking of making a vid to a track I've laid down myself, but I just don't have the skills yet. It's a project for the future. I also need to find music composition software first. Anyone know good freeware?

  • I tend to make character studies, although they all have a plot too.

  • I'm in love with visual refrains and repetition, although I haven't even come close to mastering this yet. A well chosen repeating image gives me shivers!

I wonder what else I'll discover about my visual and musical tastes as I continue to vid. It's making me watch vids with new eyes too -- no wonder I love [info - personal] kiki_miserychic's work so much. She does all of the things I love.

Who are your favourite vidders? Is there something in their style that you particularly love? Or do you follow fandoms rather than vidders?

Okay, I'm off to bed now -- work tomorrow. Speaking of which, I'm actually editing a video for work at the moment. It's odd how synchronicities like that happen, isn't it?

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