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mistletw now up!

Um, I've kind of... set up a Torchwood end-of-year fest for stories, art and vids.

I know, I know. I'm not quite sure how it happened, either. But it's going to be awesome. You should come over and play.

Here's the blurb...

You are all cordially invited to come along to the Torchwood solstice party and snog madly have some fun under the mistletw!

mistletw is an end-of-year fest for Torchwood fans, so that we can give each other presents of fan fiction, art and vids.

The fest isn't run like a story exchange; it's a promptathon, which, in a festive nutshell, works like this:

  1. You comment on the master post with your request (aka prompt!), using the handy format provided

  2. You browse the other requests made and claim one by replying to the request in question (anonymously, if you wish for it to be a surprise!)

  3. You post your story/art/vid to the community between January 1-10, and gleefully receive yours in the same manner!

Everyone who posts a request must also claim a prompt and write a story, or make art, or a vid for another participant. We're not policing this, but Myfanwy will poop bad karma on your head if you don't follow through.

That said, the more the merrier! People can write more than one story as stocking-stuffers, or make extra art or vids; you'll be able to post requests up until the 24th of December, and claim them until the 31st of December.

You can find more fine print rules and all that jazz over here. All pairings and preferences welcome.

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