cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Free web hosting?

My website used to be on Geocities, but since that's now defunct I need to set up somewhere else.

ETA: I'm talking about my real-name website, not a fan site. But thanks for all the good fannish suggestions. If I decide to put together a fansite I know where to go now. /eta

So where's the reliable free web hosting happening these days? I've googled it, but there doesn't seem to be a clear winner. Are they all much of a muchness?

Help me, oh flist.

In other news, this week I needed to put together a quick online bio and link list of stuff under my real name. It's been ages since I googled myself; it was a bit of an eye opener. There were all the usual hits -- many of them to the defunct Geocities site, as it had been around for so long (since about 1997, I think!). Plus quite a few new people talking about my essays, which I hadn't known about.

But the best part? I discovered that I've been cited as an expert on Wikipedia! And under the most *perfect* topic too. Hahahaha. It made me LOL.

Fame at last. ;)

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