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Google Wave, Dreamwidth and AO3 giveaways

Right. Here's the thing. While I was away conferencing (and then home and kind of sick and wuzzy for the last week), a whole heap of invites accrued in my various inboxes.

If you would like one of the following, let me know in comments, which I have screened. You need to give me an email address so I can send the invite(s) to you.

Google Wave -- I now have many of these to give away, so anyone who asks will likely get one. ETA: Sent to all who asked; I still have some left.

DreamWidth -- Likewise, I have many. And DreamWidth is now very stable and increasingly cool. I haven't quite entirely switched over yet, but I'm using DW first, more often than not. The features are getting awesome too. ETA: Sent to all who asked; I still have some left.

The Archive of Our Own -- This is now in open beta, so you can request an invite yourself. But I have one, just sitting here. Let me know if you want it. First asker gets it. This was by far the most popular request, and it is gone.

Don't forget to give me an email address, or I can't send the invites. Make sure it's the address you want linked to the account.

ETA: Stupid LJ isn't sending through notifications. Grrr.

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